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Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North Warwickshire & Bedworth

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Elaine Williams
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Election for Mayor of West Midlands!

My name is Elaine Williams and I am Reform UK's candidate to become the next West Midlands Metro Mayor. I am a solicitor and I care passionately about our people and our quality of life. My key priorities for our region are employment, health, wellbeing and social care, transport, crime, the environment, and you.

Like you, I want our region to be a first-class place to live and work, but our elected representatives have failed us, and we deserve better.

If elected as your mayor, your hopes, your needs, and your concerns will be my highest priorities. I will act in the best interests of everyone living in the West Midlands Combined Authority region.

Our Contract is not just another party manifesto. It sets out the reforms that Britain needs in the first 100 days following a general election, and thereafter. It has been produced with advice from a range of independent economists, think tanks and advisers on savings and costings.

Costings can be found at the end of each policy section. Some policy areas come with net costs and others with net savings. There are also extra growth assumptions from our economic reforms. Final annualised budget calculations across a 5 year term of government can be found at the end of this Contract.

We are impatient for change. We are doers and achievers. Our Contract with You would be delivered by people with a real track record of success.

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Paul Hopkins - Reform UK
North Warwickshire & Bedworth

Paul Hopkins his journey from growing up in Castle Bromwich to moving to Coleshill, Paul has forged a deep connection to North Warwickshire, making it his home since the age of 13. Now, running The Box Warehouse and with family roots firmly in Coleshill, his mother runs Blythewood Guesthouse in Coleshill, he is compelled to contribute back to his community. As a candidate in the 2024 general election, Pauls commitment is clear: to support for our Armed Forces; alignment with Reform UK's values for a balanced immigration policy and practical climate solutions and a focus on revitalizing crucial sectors like healthcare and the benefit system.

My presence on the ballot aims to bring positive change to North Warwickshire and the wider rural community, ensuring a voice that resonates with the people and their needs. Paul has strong opinions, ask anyone who has met him, now through Reform UK, he has the chance to be heard by a national audience. Becoming the MP for North Warwickshire & Bedworth, would give him the platform in Westminster, the home of the British Government, to make real change or in some instances to get the Great back into Great Britian, by taking control of immigration, deal with failed multiculturalism and to stop Liberal Wokism from completely destroying our society. Oh and for the Record there are only two genders, just ask a Doctor.

Paul Hopkins, Putting Coleshill, Atherstone, Bedworth & North Warwickshire on the map

In the upcoming October 2024 general election, Paul aspires to represent the towns of Coleshill, Atherstone and now Bedworth as well as the towns and village communities of North Warwickshire & Bedworth. Paul will work hard to bring greater prosperity to the county of North Warwickshire and to also support Bedworth, a place I know very well from my teenage years and beyond.

North Warwickshire has a large farming community as most of the constituency is agricultural so Paul needs to hear from you or more importantly to ask what you need from your MP. Remember being an MP is about national issues that affect the constituency but also to put weight behind local councils to make sure they are doing their job and supporting the towns and villages in North Warwickshire.

Stop the Boats

Leave the ECHR European Convention on Human Rights, the EU still have huge control over our borders and laws, we must leave the ECHR.

Illegal Immigration, the word illegal should spell it out clearly, Reform UK will make it so zero illegal immigrants will be accepted into the UK.

Cut through and get rid of the Liberal Civil Service and replace them with believers in Brexit and who want the best for Great Britain.

Stop the boats, why can’t our border force pick them up and tow them back to France. Make it illegal for the Woke RNLI to communicate with (someone…) in France to collect them from just off the beaches.

Rwanda, what a joke, its just there to give people hope, if we can’t take them to France then they should be held offshore until processed and sent home.

Have your say, let Paul Hopkins know so he can pass your comments to Reform UK

Reform UK's 6-point plan to stop the boats
Our Economy Needs Reform

Our Economy Needs Reform

Scrap Net Zero, its crippling our society and changing nothing, unless India, China and Russia make changes our tiny economy only causes less than 1% emissions.

Tell Reform UK your opinions;

QE or Quantitative Easing, where the government literally prints money to give to the banks and then pays the banks interest, how, what, why?

Have your say, let Paul Hopkins know, so he can pass your comments to Reform UK:

Income tax currently £12,500 before you pay tax, Reform says this should be raised to £20,000, would put almost £1,500 back into your pocket.

More than 7 Million people less, paying income tax.

Scrapping stamp duty under £750k would boost the housing market.

Get builders, building more homes for UK residents.

Let Paul Hopkins know, so your comments get passed onto Reform UK:

The Two Party System is Broken

Paul Hopkins knows the two party system does not work, what is the difference between the Tories and Labour, apart from the colour of their logos.

Proportional Representation, where every vote does actually count.

People are waking up, Labour is no longer the party for ‘working class people’ and that Tories are no longer the party for upper management. You now have a choice Reform UK will give voters the ability to make real change happen, to save the UK economy and our social structure before its too late, Vote Reform UK.

We live in a Christina country, whether you are religious or not we do live by Christian values of fairness and respect for all.

Let Paul Hopkins know, so your comments get passed onto Reform UK:

The two-party system is broken.
Did you vote for mass immigration?

Did you vote for Mass Immigration

Paul Says, he certainly did not vote for mass open borders migration, neither did you.

Mass uncontrolled immigration is being forced upon us to the detriment of our own people and our own society.

When we have military veterans and other people who have no choice but to live on the streets and beg, people born in the UK and or have made a contribution to it, when illegal immigrants (what part of illegal do the Tories not understand), why do we put these illegal gimmigrants in 4 and 5 star hotels (I wish I could stay in them for more than a weekend, once in a while).

We give these illegal immigrants, free foods, heating, mobile phone and even free money and not have to work and even all their legal bills are paid for, oh and did I mention they get put to the top of the list when it comes to council properties.

Just for clarity, Paul Hopkins does not blame one of them for coming, it must be like coming to the land of milk and honey. What’s more our government openly advertises and promotes what they will get when they get here!

RNLI, don’t get me started, the Royal National Lifeguard Institute is in contact with the ‘people’ in France; telling them when a boat is about to set off so the RNLI can go and collect them, from France.

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