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North Warwickshire and Bedworth PPC
Paul Hopkins

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Paul Hopkins - Reform UK Candidate

Paul Hopkins Biography, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North Warwickshire and Bedworth

Paul Hopkins's mother was a secretary and his father a joiner (carpenter), he eventually setup his own timber merchants in Birmingham (Small Heath), which is where Paul spent many summers and Saturdays working. Growing up working in a business is where Paul learnt many valuable life skills about running a business and the pitfalls when money is wasted, an empty bank account for a business means going bust (something Labour and Conservatives appear not to understand) .

Paul is not a career politician, when asked why he wanted to be an MP, Paul said ‘I don’t want to be a politician, I have no choice’. The Conservatives have destroyed this country, many things are hidden by Wokeism & the push for Diversity & Inclusion, both have pushed the pendulum as far to the left as possible, thankfully people are waking up from the fear of speaking out and are now listening to Reform UK, the only voice of reason.

Paul Hopkins is not a ‘typical politician’ his background is in running different businesses, mobile phone, telecoms and packaging materials amongst many businesses. Paul has experienced the best and the worst of what can happen in business during his professional career, and he has learnt how to deal with real problems, where there is nobody else to fall back on, therefore Paul believes he has the real world knowledge and the business experience to know what is real and fake, there is a huge amount of fakery in the media, Paul will cut through it, to deal with real issues, especially those relating to the North Warwickshire and Bedworth region of the UK.

Vote for Paul Hopkins, Vote for Reform UK, Vote for common sense politics.

Map of North Warwickshire and Bedworth

News & Updates About Reform UK

The UK Economy needs to be urgently reformed to save the county.

The Conservatives are already a dead political party, the last few wheezes are coming out.

Labour = Starmergeddon, yes they will be worse, so what choice do you have.

The only choice is to vote Reform UK in the General Election, you know it makes sense!

BBC TV - Remove the BBCs draconian hold over us and remove the TAX that is the BBC license fee.

Nurses & Care Workers - Why do they get charged for parking at work and its a huge sum of (tax) money being taken from the,  Name another company other than the NHS that actually charges their employees to park at work.

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Towns & Villages in North Warwickshire and Bedworth

Corley Ash
Corley Moor
Nether Whitacre
Bradley Green
Neals Green
Keresley End
Little Packington
Duke End
Blythe End
Lea Marston
Bassetts Pole
Bodymoor Heath
Foul End
Baddersley Ensor
No Mans Heath
Whitacre Heath
Hoggrills End
Botts Green
Hunts Green
Bedworth Heath
Black Bank
Hawkesbury Village
Chapel Green
Green End
Newton Regis
Grendon Common
Blyth End
Maxstoke Castle
Goodyers End
Astley Castle

Legal Disclaimer

The content, views and opinions expressed by Paul Hopkins who represents North Warwickshire and Bedworth as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) may not reflect or be supported by or Reform UK the political party of 83 Victoria Street, London. SW1H 0H

Reform UK, Let's Make Britain Great
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