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Rob Howard

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Rob Howard - Reform UK Candidate

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Rob Howard - Reform UK Candidate

Rob Howard Biography, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Nuneaton

Rob Howard was born in Coventry in 1958. He lived there until he was 8 years old when the family moved to the South Coast for work reasons. Rob lived there until he was 18 when he started full-time work for The Dunlop Sports Company. Rob wanted a career in Sales and Marketing and at age 20 secured a sales position with Mars Confectionery for whom he worked for 7 years. Rob then moved onto the Managerial ladder with various companies and made his way up through Area Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager, National Sales Manager, Sales Director, Sales and Marketing Director to eventually become Managing Director of a £5m business which he helped grow to £10m in the space of 5 years.

During this time Rob Howard got married, had four children and moved a further six times to accommodate his job requirements. This eventually took its toll out of his personal life which resulted in Rob splitting up with his wife. When he reflected, too much time working was to blame which prompted the next phase of Rob's life.

At 45 Rob Howard decided to leave the employed world and set up his own business consultancy, helping SME’s overcome their sales challenges. This introduced Rob to a wide range of differing businesses and services which broadened his commercial knowledge. During this set up time Rob met his now partner of 20 years, Claire, who he moved in with and have been with ever since. Rob & Claire have lived on the Maple Park Estate in Nuneaton for all this time.

The Covid pandemic put pay to Rob Howards business, as no company could continue to use his services whilst the lockdown was in place. Rob closed his company in 2022 but was then fortunate to find a part time consultancy role at the tender age of 63. Being a part time position, it allows Rob to devote the much needed time in planning the General Election campaign for Reform UK.

Rob Howard’s personal life consists of being Captain of a Golf Society based in Attleborough. During his tenure Rob has orchestrated the raising of several thousands of pounds for good causes including the charity Georgies Gift and the purchase of a defibrillator which sits in The Fox public House in Attleborough. Rob's continuation of this role is now dependent on a condition he has acquired called Lymphoedema which is where your Lymph nodes stop working or malfunction leaving you with swollen limbs, in Rob’s case, his legs and feet. This in turn is affecting his mobility.

Rob does enjoy a good conversation and socialising with friends but he does get told to pipe down when the subject of politics comes up! Rob enjoys 80’s music but keeps in touch with modern trends. Rob likes to cook and enjoys trying new Indian and Chinese recipes.

Rob Howard believes the biggest challenge facing Nuneaton is how the vast amounts of new people we will have around the town in the new housing developments will be comfortably accommodated. There is no doubt that immigration is high on the list of UK concerns and Nuneaton will end up with its fair share until something is done about regulating the tide of incomers. It is Rob’s concern that we will be under-resourced for Policing, Schooling, Medical Care and general council-based services not to mention how all these extra people will be able to travel around an already strangled town road network. All these matters should be dealt with whilst this unprecedented growth in the population is happening.

Recently Rob Howard has read about a number of the promises to inject life back into the Town Centre which have either been stopped or delayed. This shouldn’t be allowed to happen and Rob says he will do all in his power to find out what has changed and to do what he can to reinstitute the plans. A vote for Reform UK is a common-sense vote. It is providing a new party the opportunity to deal with all the matters the public are concerned about that the current incumbent Government and the unreliable party “in waiting” is not interested in. VOTE REFORM UK.

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