The Share Zone

A charitable project for philanthropic sharing of charity

Discover why The Share Zone stands apart from traditional charities. Unlike registered charities that often allocate significant portions of donations to managers, admin and 'expenses', The Share Zone offers a completely free service without accepting donations, charging fees or selling products to gain income to run our charitable project.  With a commitment to providing support for all without costing a penny, The Share Zone is philanthropic, helping others over profit, making a positive impact without taking donations.  Lets say goodbye to charities needing donations, to just pay themselves fat cat salaries, not all charities rip you off, but some do, if we support them, they can be trusted!.

British Army Care Packages for Soldiers/ Sailors, Airmen & Officers

Supporting British military personnel, sending shoebox carepackages via the BFPO, full of goodies that you have chosen from the B4S catalogue, you now have control over what is sent.

Serving British army soldiers, Royal navy & Royal Air Force enlisted men, women & officers can search the B4S shopping pages, choose the items you need for your wishlist, that you want in a care package.  Your friends, family & supporters can login, see and choose what they plan to post, go out shopping and simply put them into a goodiebox or shoe box & post it by Royal Mail using BFPO, yes it is that simple.

Our Wedding Planner

We're rolling out an exciting opportunity for businesses to shine on our platform. Wedding vendors and wedding service providers will have the chance to promote themselves and showcase their exceptional products and services.  From photographers capturing your cherished moments to florists crafting the most breathtaking bouquets, you'll find a wide variety of wedding experts right here on "OUR WEDDING PLANNER."  List your wedding planner services and products or if you are planning your wedding we can offer you free online support and advice.  Coming soon your own web space to list your 'wedding list' the items you will need when starting out on the journey of married life, to a calendar to plan towards the big day.

B4S Directory

The business directory that helps you search by local town or nearby postcode, a directory of businesses that are located in your local area.  You can search for businesses by town or postcode or find a specific type of business, such as a wedding planners, storage or removal companies.  The B4S directory is open to all businesses in the UK, but all veteran ownded businesses are given a higher priority at no extra cost.

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