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Newcastle-under-Lyme PPC
Neill Walker

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Neill Walker - Reform UK Candidate

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Neill Walker - Reform UK Candidate

Neill Walker Biography, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Newcastle-under-Lyme

As a long-time resident and professional in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, I've seen many changes in our community—some good, others not so much.

My journey in Newcastle-Under-Lyme started at 16 with the Youth Training Scheme (YTS), where I gained practical skills like wiring a plug—simple but foundational. Despite living in various parts of the country, my wife and I have always been drawn back to Newcastle-Under-Lyme. Our son and granddaughters live and attend school locally, and we have deep roots with friends and family here. Raised in Staffordshire, I am passionate about our region, its heritage, and its people.

Currently residing in Baldwins Gate, I serve as a parish councillor and Vice Chair for Whitmore. This role has deepened my understanding of the systemic challenges our community faces, particularly the lack of accountability, transparency, and proactive efforts from local government, the Environment Agency, and Highways.

If elected to represent Newcastle-Under-Lyme, I am committed to enacting meaningful change, focusing on three key areas:

Reforming Local Councils

Accountability and Transparency

I envision local councils rooted in accountability and transparency. By shedding light on any misuse of taxpayers' money, I aim to ensure that every penny spent is justified and serves the community's best interests. I propose regular meetings between portfolio heads and the executive team to openly discuss and review the state of the council and its services.

Localizing Services

I advocate for bringing services back to the local level instead of outsourcing them. This will create more well-paid jobs and allow us to regain control over council funds, fostering greater accountability.

Public Empowerment

Creating avenues for the public to challenge their councils openly is crucial for greater transparency. This empowers communities to voice their concerns and hold their representatives accountable, particularly regarding planning decisions. Protecting our green spaces and prioritizing brownfield sites for development is essential.

Reforming Quangos: Environment Agency and Highways

Transparency and Efficiency

The recent actions of the Environment Agency concerning Walley Quarry are deeply concerning due to a lack of transparency. Reforming the agency is imperative. Similarly, our highways system needs urgent attention. Potholes, dangerous pavements, and malfunctioning traffic lights highlight the disjointed nature of our current system. By streamlining operations and prioritizing local teams, we can effectively address these issues.

Reforming Taxation: Revitalizing Our Town

Supporting Local Businesses

Our high street no longer attracts people to the town center. The decline of independent retailers and the steady loss of reasons to visit have taken a toll. Encouraging independent retailers to return and increasing footfall can rejuvenate our town.

Reducing Business Rates

By reducing business rates and applying a charge to online stores, we can support local businesses and rejuvenate the town center. Revitalizing areas like Iron Market, which once had a magical charm, is essential to bring back its former glory.

Together, we can make Newcastle-Under-Lyme a thriving, vibrant community once again. Your support is vital for bringing about the changes our town needs.

Map of Newcastle-under-Lyme

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