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John Gerard McDermottroe

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John Gerard McDermottroe - Reform UK Candidate

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John Gerard McDermottroe - Reform UK Candidate

John Gerard McDermottroe Biography, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Stockton North

My name is John McDermottroe (John Mac) I am the Reform UK Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Constituency of Stockton North.

I was born in Middlesbrough but have lived almost all of my life in Billingham. I went to School & College in Billingham & later studied at Teesside Polytechnic which is now the renowned Teesside University.

I started my working life at I.C.I in Billingham & worked my way up to be the Supervisor at the Nitram Plants at Portrack. I left for a short spell to work at Albright & Wilson Chemical site in Widnes where I was a Shift Manager.

I came back to Billingham to start my own businesses in the early nineties & am still here!

I had no interest in Politics whatsoever – even though my uncle was a Labour MP & later a European Minister – but when Brexit came along, I was deeply concerned about the loss of democracy in this country & so I started to get involved.

I am truly saddened at the current state of Politics in this Country & feel that the vast majority of people are not being listened to by any of the main parties. I feel that we can do so much better as a nation.

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