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North West Leicestershire PPC
Noel Matthews

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Noel Matthews - Reform UK Candidate

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Noel Matthews - Reform UK Candidate

Noel Matthews Biography, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North West Leicestershire

At the next general election the people of North West Leicestershire have a simple choice. Do they vote for change or do they vote for more of the same? Change is long overdue but that needn't mean choosing from the same old stagnant pool of career politicians and party place-men and women.

There is little difference between Labour and Conservative any longer, they have finally, and inevitably, met in the centre which is precisely where they want to be. Indeed, Keir Starmer's only appeal to conservatives, from the platform at the Labour party conference, was vote for us because we won't be quite as ineffectual as them. Not much of a choice is it?

Reform does what it says on the tin. It means real change. Common sense. It means saving Britain from crackpot wokeism, out of control spending, swingeing taxation, Net Zero madness, uncontrolled mass immigration, both legal and illegal, the interfering European Court of Human Rights and the cosy consensus on all of this which we see at Westminster today and which has cost us the real Brexit the majority of people voted for in this constituency

I have already made my home in North West Leicestershire and my young daughter is getting a fantastic education at a great state school in Coalville. I work in Ashby-De-La Zouch and so every day I am seeing the challenges facing local people and they have also been telling me about the issues that concern them.

North West Leicestershire needs an MP who follows through on those issues rather than using their platform to campaign prolifically on a single issue. Outside of the incumbent, the rest of us have experience in local government as sitting or former councillors, in business or in public service. I have been a school governor and a Town Councillor. I am a trained nurse who spent 12 years in the NHS and world-travelling IT Consultant. I have worked in Nigeria, Thailand, The USA, The Philippines and, of course, here in the UK.

North West Leicestershire needs a bold representative who is returned to parliament to get results. Rishi Sunak has made promises around the restoration of the Ivanhoe line but there has been zero progress on it. Who is there demanding that progress be made? Who is there to protect our rural and agricultural areas from rampant over-development? People are tellng me that they have been let-down and have little confidence in any of the main parties. There is an alternative

If you really want a determined representative who believes in getting results, then put your cross next to Reform UK on polling day.

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