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New Forest East Candidate
Roy Swales

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Roy Swales - Reform UK Candidate

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Roy Swales - Reform UK Candidate

Roy Swales Biography, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for New Forest East

Roy Swales, a 7th Generation former soldier with a diverse background, brings a unique perspective to the political landscape of New Forest. His service in the 16th Independent Parachute Brigade and subsequent role with the FCO endowed him with a deep understanding of security issues, further honed during his tenure with Surrey Police. Now retired, Swales serves as a Physiotherapy Associate Practitioner within the local NHS community teams, alongside his wife, who holds a prominent position as a Clinical Lead.

With a familial connection spanning generations in the region, Swales has been a resident of the Forest for over two decades. His intimate knowledge of the area, coupled with a firsthand understanding of the challenges faced by its residents, positions him as a staunch advocate for change.

Challenges Facing the Constituency

Despite its natural beauty, the New Forest grapples with systemic issues that demand attention. Swales highlights the disparity between affluent areas and neglected neighborhoods, where families languish on council waiting lists amidst a dearth of affordable housing. Draconian planning regulations hinder progress rather than facilitating access, exacerbating the housing crisis.

Moreover, essential services such as healthcare and public transport remain inaccessible to many residents, particularly in rural areas. Swales underscores the inadequacy of local ambulance services and the plight of community nurses struggling to meet demands. Lymington Hospital's perpetual staffing shortages further underscore the strain on medical services.

The economic landscape presents its own set of challenges, with dwindling employment opportunities constraining the prospects for young people. Swales emphasizes the disconnect between local youth and the Forest, compounded by inadequate infrastructure and rising living costs.

A Vision for Reform

Swales advocates for comprehensive reform to address these pressing issues, championing affordable housing initiatives and bolstering essential services. His call for accountability resonates as he condemns wasteful spending on frivolous projects and laments the looming threat of military community displacement in Marchwood.

Emphasizing the need for fresh perspectives in leadership, Swales envisions a future where pragmatic solutions prevail over entrenched political agendas. He underscores the importance of retaining the Forest's unique way of life, safeguarding schools, and preserving vital medical services.

In Swales, New Forest residents find a steadfast ally committed to effecting meaningful change. With a platform rooted in empathy and pragmatism, he offers a beacon of hope for a community yearning for a brighter tomorrow.

Map of New Forest East

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