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Wakefield and Rothwell Candidate
David Alan Dews

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David Alan Dews - Reform UK Candidate

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David Alan Dews - Reform UK Candidate

David Alan Dews Biography, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Wakefield and Rothwell

Meet David Alan Dews, a dedicated civil engineer born and raised in the vibrant West Riding of Yorkshire. After pursuing his passion for Civil Engineering at London University, David settled in the scenic Wrenthorpe and Outwood West ward of Wakefield back in 1986. With a fulfilling family life and a wealth of professional experience, David brings a unique perspective to the political landscape.

With a career spanning both local projects in Yorkshire and international ventures in Africa and the Middle East, David's expertise in designing roads, bridges, drainage, and flood defenses is unparalleled. He once led a multinational team of 80 professionals while managing a UK company's office abroad.

David's commitment extends beyond his professional endeavors. He actively participates in his local community association, advocates for environmental causes, and serves as a churchwarden, demonstrating his deep-rooted connection to the people and the land he calls home.

Driven by a desire for meaningful change, David embarked on his political journey in 2010 by joining UKIP. Post-Brexit, he found a natural fit with Reform UK, where he continues to champion his beliefs. Over the years, David has fearlessly contested Euro, Westminster, and local elections. His four-year tenure as a UKIP councillor on Wakefield MDC was marked by relentless advocacy for residents, challenging the status quo on planning, fiscal responsibility, and workers' rights.

David's frustration with the stagnant state of British politics is palpable. He believes that both the Conservatives and Labour have failed to address critical issues plaguing local communities, from housing shortages to crumbling infrastructure. He's witnessed firsthand how other nations effectively manage their workforce and resources, inspiring him to push for pragmatic solutions closer to home.

Now, David is taking a stand with Reform UK, offering a fresh perspective and a steadfast commitment to revitalizing political representation. If you share his disillusionment and yearn for real change, join David and the Reform UK movement. Together, we can make our voices heard, advocate for tangible solutions, and build a brighter future for all. Get involved, volunteer, and let's campaign for the change we desperately need.

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Reform UK, Let's Make Britain Great
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