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South Devon Candidate
Michael Bagley

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Michael Bagley - Reform UK Candidate

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Michael Bagley - Reform UK Candidate

Michael Bagley Biography, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for South Devon

Michael Bagley, born in Islington, London, before its rise to trendiness, moved to the scenic surroundings of Surrey at the age of six. A distinguished graduate of Reading and Keele universities, Michael's career spanned across the UK and Georgia, USA, where he taught Politics, English, and Maths. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to run two businesses focused on developing educational software. Additionally, he is an accomplished author, having published two political thrillers, The Plutonium Factor and Mohembo Crossing, and more recently, A Good Death, a novel exploring a family in crisis.

Michael’s political journey evolved from his early years amidst the collapsing Labour movement to embracing the visionary and robust ideals of UKIP and Reform UK. He champions the nation-state over the globalist agendas of entities like the EU, WEF, and Davos. Michael believes that the full potential of Brexit remains untapped under the current Tory Government, as the UK continues to grapple with global food and energy market dependencies. He emphasizes the necessity of achieving energy independence to shield the nation from external economic shocks, such as those caused by geopolitical conflicts.

Although Michael has largely stayed away from active politics, except during the Brexit referendum campaign, he feels a pressing need to address the multifaceted crises facing Britain today. He believes that Reform UK holds the key to revitalizing the nation with practical solutions.

Immigration Policy

In the historic 2016 referendum, the British electorate voted not only for economic autonomy but also for border control. However, the Conservative government has failed to deliver on these promises. Despite assurances of reducing immigration to tens of thousands annually, the UK saw over 2 million legal migrants in 2021 and 2022, with projections of 1.2 million for 2023. Illegal migration incurs a daily cost of £8 million for the taxpayer, covering legal fees, allowances, and accommodation. Since 2010, net migration has effectively added three cities the size of Birmingham to the UK’s population.

Contrary to the notion that mass immigration strengthens the economy, Michael argues that it depresses wages for the indigenous workforce by saturating the job market with inexpensive labor. Additionally, many dependents of migrants do not work and rely on state support, further straining public resources.

Michael highlights the detrimental impact of mass immigration on the UK's infrastructure, including housing, schools, and healthcare services. He advocates for Reform UK's comprehensive policies aimed at halting illegal immigration and ending mass migration, thereby ensuring support for genuine refugees and preserving the nation's infrastructure and economic stability.

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