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Andrew Husband

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Andrew Husband - Reform UK Candidate

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Andrew Husband - Reform UK Candidate

Andrew Husband Biography, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North Durham

I grew up in North Durham, I have my business in North Durham. I care about North Durham.

I previously got involved in the Brexit Party as I was very concerned about how the referendum result was being undermined. I had a brief membership with the Conservatives which I cancelled during the handling of the pandemic and dismantling of our economy.

I was personally affected through the loss of a company and was disappointed in the level of propaganda, hype and mis-information that I felt I could no longer be associated with such a disconnected and rotten organisation.

My experiences and to witness the impact of government decision on friends, family and business associates – in particular in hospitality – simply galvanised me. I can no longer just sit back and watch our country and way of life deteriorate. I like many other voters became dis-illusioned with the 2 party democracy we find ourselves locked in and I am determined to help in any way I can

I am not a politician, far from it. I am a family man and an experienced employer of people who wants to see the North East and North Durham thrive. I am only interested in common sense policies, not waffle. I have lost all trust and faith in our current government, along with the opposition, therefore I question everything that is forced upon us and our country, without a vote.

I stand for better control of the public purse, reducing corporation & VAT taxes to give hospitality businesses in particular a fighting chance, to create more employment opportunities and growth. If we lost our pubs we lose our way of life and a huge social element of our lives.

I stand for families. I believe that everybody should have the aspirations to own their own home, to have their own car and to have that family holiday once or twice a year. To be able to get their children into the local school, to get a doctors appointment or if needed not being put off to a trip to the hospital with a 5 hour wait something to look forward to.

Our culture is being eroded by woke ideology. Our taxes are going up in the name of net zero and our democratic freedoms along with it.

I look across to the EU and I see farmers and truckers protests in Germany and Holland. The rise of the farmers party. They are trying to tell us that food production is under threat in the name of net zero.

I follow the protests in Poland and recently in Spain – with citizens not happy with the way governments are being forced upon them. Belgium in dis-array as digital ID fines start kicking in as freedoms become a thing of the past.

Thank goodness we are out of there, we have enough of our own problems, starting with this government.

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Reform UK, Let's Make Britain Great
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