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Harrogate and Knaresborough Candidate
John Swales

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John Swales - Reform UK Candidate

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John Swales - Reform UK Candidate

John Swales Biography, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Harrogate and Knaresborough

John Swales is the fresh face bringing a real choice to the general election for Harrogate and Knaresborough. Disillusioned with the long-established parties that seem to follow the same agenda, John stands for change, advocating for a business-like approach to running the country in the interests of the people, not the state and global corporations.

A proud Yorkshireman born and raised in Harrogate, John’s family has deep roots in the local business community, including the Yorkshire Farmers Butchers Company. He has a profound love for the area, its people, and its heritage. John is acutely aware of the local issues, such as overcrowded doctors’ surgeries and NHS dentists, housing developments that fail to provide affordable options for locals, crumbling infrastructure, and fading town centres. He highlights the costly and unwanted “Harrogate Gateway” scheme as a prime example of misaligned council priorities.

John believes in the strength, resilience, and pride of the UK, advocating for the country's autonomy on the world stage. He calls for a pushback against uncontrolled government spending, high taxation, and borrowing levels not seen in 70 years, as well as policies like net zero, DEI, the ECHR, and unlimited immigration. He argues that Labour and the Conservatives, having created these problems, cannot solve them.

With over 20 years of experience running businesses in the UK and overseas, John understands the challenges faced by businesses and praises their efforts. He has also engaged in voluntary work for a local charity, recognizing the need for compassion and support while calling for reform to prevent the abuse of charitable status for political ends.

John hears the frustrations of locals who feel let down by the main parties and offers a genuine alternative. He is committed to empowering local businesses, reducing legislative and tax burdens, and fostering a vibrant local economy that brings jobs and optimism to the area. John Swales is determined to represent Harrogate and Knaresborough with life and business experience, not as a career politician.

For a representative who believes in getting results, vote for John Swales and Reform UK on polling day. Join the movement for real change and contact John’s team anytime to get involved.

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