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Droitwich and Evesham PPC
Sam Bastow

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Sam Bastow - Reform UK Candidate

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Sam Bastow - Reform UK Candidate

Sam Bastow Biography, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Droitwich and Evesham

My name is Sam Bastow, born in Cheltenham and only ever lived in Evesham - the centre of the universe and home to world class asparagus.

Who doesn’t love asparagus!? I am a lover of rock and metal music and support Aston Villa for my sins. Like a lot of you, and being a small business owner, I work my socks off so really understand the importance of small businesses and the struggles they go through.

I know what it means to be a normal bloke - making money, paying tax and seeing no rewards!!!

Is YOUR country working for you?

What can YOUR country change?

How can YOUR country improve your life?

I am saying YOUR country as that is what it is - politicians should be there to serve the people, not the other way around. The clue is in the name PUBLIC SERVANT!!!

Your country is on a tipping point and it would be great to be the catalyst for putting it back on track to prosperity.

Nothing works as it should:

Trains are on strike

Doctors are on strike

Roads are full of potholes

NHS waiting lists are through the roof

The list is literally endless

I have created an acronym to help you remember what we stand for, the word is REFORM;

R for Respect

E for Energy

F for Finance

O for Ordinary Man

R for Reform the NHS

M for Minimal Immigration

Respect - we are in favour of old school values, a traditional family unit, law and order.

Energy - wind and solar are not working. The great global warming scandal imposed on us by the powers that be. Net zero = net poorer.

Finance - One of our main policies is to make you richer by increasing the personal tax threshold to £20,000.

Ordinary Man - I am not a career politician. I know what people go through in their lives day to day. Reform are normal people like you and we will consider and serve you as we have first hand experience of normal lives.

Reform The NHS - The NHS is not underfunded, money is just spent in the wrong places.

Minimal Immigration - stop illegal immigration IMMEDIATELY and control legal

migration, we need to implement a one in one out policy.

Your country is on a tipping point, Reform UK can be the catalyst to tip everything back in the right direction.

But we need your support and your vote. Now let me leave you with one final thought…

"How have the last Governments fourteen years in power served you?"

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Reform UK, Let's Make Britain Great
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