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Coventry South PPC
Steve Attridge

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Steve Attridge - Reform UK Candidate

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Steve Attridge - Reform UK Candidate

Steve Attridge Biography, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Coventry South

Steve Attridge is a seasoned writer residing in Warwickshire for over four decades. His extensive experience includes diverse roles in factories and offices during his formative years. For a comprehensive overview of his career, visit his CV on his website,

With a global footprint, Steve has not only penned scripts for TV, film, and books catering to both adult and children audiences but has also imparted knowledge through teaching and lecturing worldwide.

At the core of his beliefs lies a fervent advocacy for free speech and prioritizing individual rights in politics. Steve harbors concerns about the current educational landscape, particularly the prevalence of critical race and gender theory overshadowing the fundamental principles of imparting knowledge, fostering skills, and nurturing critical thinking essential for the holistic development of children into responsible adults.

His stance on safeguarding borders and reinstating law and order above perceived "woke" sensitivities reflects his commitment to traditional values. Steve critiques mainstream political parties for their detachment from the realities of everyday citizens, dominated by career politicians lacking experience in industry, business, education, or the arts. He perceives a desperate pursuit of power at the expense of genuine service to the populace.

In alignment with the ethos of Reform UK, Steve champions honesty and accountability in politics. He resonates with fellow party members who have traversed the trials of life and now seek to contribute meaningfully to society. Steve recognizes the fragility of freedom, emphasizing its slow accumulation over centuries and the rapid erosion possible within a single generation. His aspiration is to actively participate in the restoration of power to the people of his nation.

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Reform UK, Let's Make Britain Great
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