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Brigg and Immingham Candidate
Paul Ladlow

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Paul Ladlow - Reform UK Candidate

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Paul Ladlow - Reform UK Candidate

Paul Ladlow Biography, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Brigg and Immingham

Welcome to the official biography of Paul Ladlow, your dedicated Reform UK Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for Brigg and Scunthorpe. Born and raised in Scunthorpe, Paul has spent his entire life in the local area and currently resides in Brigg.

Early Life and Career

Paul's journey began at local schools and college, followed by an apprenticeship at British Steel. After a decade in the steel industry, he transitioned to the Oil and Gas sector in 1989. His extensive career in this field has seen him work both onshore and offshore, across the UK and internationally. Paul continues to contribute part-time to this vital industry.

Experience in Property and Housing

Paul possesses substantial experience in the property sector, with a background in the construction and renovation of residential properties. As a current landlord, he understands the challenges faced by individuals in the housing market today. Paul is committed to addressing these issues and ensuring fair access to housing for all.

Vision for Equal Opportunities

Paul firmly believes in equal access to education and opportunities for everyone, regardless of income. He advocates for a growing economy that provides financial freedom through employment, essential for meeting public spending needs in a country with a changing demographic.

Health and Social Care

Recognizing the urgent need for reform, Paul calls for significant investment in the health and social care sectors to serve our ageing population. He emphasizes that this increased spending should come from restructuring current financial systems rather than additional funding without accountability.

Immigration and Economic Sustainability

While valuing historical contributions of immigration, Paul stresses the importance of achieving zero net migration to maintain economic and social stability. He believes that reducing immigration is crucial for the well-being of the British economy and workforce.

Efficient Government Spending

Paul advocates for eliminating departmental waste to ensure adequate funding for Defence, Education, and Welfare. He proposes that the Health and Social Care budget be ring-fenced at pre-pandemic levels and managed as a not-for-profit entity by experienced professionals.

Revitalizing Agriculture and Manufacturing

Paul envisions a resurgence of British agriculture and fishing industries to ensure self-sufficiency in food production. He also aims to boost British manufacturing competitiveness through a robust home energy sector, positioning Britain as a global leader once again.

Call to Action

Change is essential, and it starts with the upcoming general election. Paul urges you to break the blue/red status quo and demand better governance. Your vote is your voice—use it to shout for Reform UK.

Join Paul Ladlow in his mission to create a prosperous, fair, and sustainable future for Brigg and Scunthorpe. Vote for Reform UK and be a part of the change we need.

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