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Great Grimsby and Cleethorpes Candidate
Oliver Freeston

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Oliver Freeston - Reform UK Candidate

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Oliver Freeston - Reform UK Candidate

Oliver Freeston Biography, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Great Grimsby and Cleethorpes

Dedicated to Cleethorpes

Oliver Freeston has been a lifelong resident of Cleethorpes, deeply rooted in the community he loves. With a professional background in the NHS and a role as a Reform UK Ward Councillor on North East Lincolnshire Council, Oliver is committed to serving his local area.

Committed Local Representative

Oliver has a strong track record of representing residents and addressing their local concerns. Despite North East Lincolnshire Council transitioning from a Labour stronghold to Conservative leadership in 2019, Oliver believes that both major parties have failed to drive significant progress, focusing instead on vanity projects under intense local scrutiny.

Political Journey

Active in politics since the age of fifteen, Oliver made history as the youngest Councillor in the country at eighteen. Recently, he left the Conservative Party to join Reform UK, convinced that its policies are what the country needs to move forward.

Standing for Common Sense

Disillusioned by a decade of government performance and Labour’s shift to the extreme left under Jeremy Corbyn and Kier Starmer, Oliver found himself politically homeless. Neither major party, in his view, offers credible, community-focused policies. He is particularly concerned about the imposition of woke culture and the erosion of free speech, fearing where this trend might lead.

Addressing Key Issues

Oliver sees a need for serious reform in several areas:

  • Border Control: He criticizes the mismanagement of legal and illegal migration, noting the strain on infrastructure without corresponding improvements.
  • Justice System: Highlighting issues like overcrowded prisons and a near-collapse of the justice system.
  • Environmental Policies: He argues against the net zero agenda imposed on the UK while other countries continue high CO2 emissions.

Why Reform UK?

Impressed by Reform UK’s rapid growth and alignment with his views, Oliver joined the party. He believes a vote for Reform UK is not wasted, even in traditionally Labour or Conservative areas. Citing UKIP’s past success in Grimsby and Cleethorpes, he argues that Reform UK can disrupt the status quo.

Vision for Change

If elected, Oliver promises to be a straightforward voice for Cleethorpes in Westminster. He aims to hold the government accountable, offer alternative solutions, and remain unwhipped by party lines. As a young, passionate advocate for change, he is eager to challenge the established order.

Call to Action

Oliver urges voters to reject the repetitive cycles of Labour and Tory governance. He calls on the people of Cleethorpes to support a new, reformative voice in Westminster. Vote for Oliver Freeston and Reform UK for genuine change.

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