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Chris Eynon

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Chris Eynon - Reform UK Candidate

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Chris Eynon - Reform UK Candidate

Chris Eynon Biography, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Sunderland Central

I was born in Sunderland and have lived around the city all my life. I am now currently residing in Thornhill, Sunderland. My family background is in shipbuilding, steelwork, and heavy industry. I have had a long career in financial services, and I am proud of the history of our city but wish for a safer, prosperous, and prouder future.

Like many residents, the city holds a special place in my heart. I am not a career politician parachuted into Sunderland from hundreds of miles away, but I care deeply about the direction our city is heading in. Sunderland’s best days could well be ahead of us if we are willing to push for a brighter future. Reform UK is the only show in town to deliver this bright future!

My main political points of concern facing Sunderland are:

Lifting the tax threshold to £20k gives Sunderland workers an extra £1,500 a year in their pocket, thus helping reduce the 5.5 million in out-of-work benefits by making work pay.

Campaigning for net zero immigration to stop wage compression and secure our borders by a zero-tolerance approach to illegal boat crossings.

Attracting high-quality and well-paid employment to Sunderland by backing the return of maritime industries via the existing government national shipbuilding strategy, along with scrapping business rates to encourage small businesses to thrive.

Cheaper energy and zero NHS waiting lists via our fully costed plan at:

Vote for change this election, vote to make Britain great, and vote Reform UK for Sunderland Central.

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Reform UK, Let's Make Britain Great
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