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North Somerset Candidate
Alexander Kokkinoftas

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Alexander Kokkinoftas - Reform UK Candidate

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Alexander Kokkinoftas - Reform UK Candidate

Alexander Kokkinoftas Biography, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North Somerset

Alexander Kokkinoftas, originally from Cyprus, relocated to the UK in 2018, drawn by the vast opportunities the country offers. With a lifelong passion for Great Britain, Alexander has immersed himself in the history and politics of the isles, proudly embracing his identity as both English and British. His extensive knowledge in History, Geography, and Politics, coupled with his exceptional communication skills, makes him a compelling advocate for his community. Alexander is not only a strong debater who stands firm in his beliefs but also a great listener, keen to understand the impact of government policies on individuals and eager to collaborate on solutions.

Commitment to North Somerset

Alexander cherishes his home county of North Somerset, with its stunning countryside and vibrant towns. He hails from Clevedon, a charming seaside town renowned for its Victorian Marine Lake and Pier. Concerned by the negative changes under the current Conservative government, Alexander joined Reform UK with a vision for positive transformation. He believes in proactive involvement to drive meaningful change and is committed to working with the community to address their concerns.

Vision and Goals

Alexander aims to be a strong voice for those affected by both local and national policies. He advocates for better investment in Clevedon seafront, Portishead, and surrounding areas, emphasizing the need to wisely allocate taxpayer money. North Somerset's safety and tranquility are paramount, and Alexander is dedicated to maintaining this environment.

He stresses the importance of accountability in council spending, ensuring that funds are used effectively for the community's benefit. Alexander and Reform UK are determined to protect children from ideological influences in schools, opposing Critical Race Theory and advocating for common-sense reforms across various sectors including the economy, business, immigration, NHS, education, environment, policing, defence, and agriculture.

Supporting Reform UK

Alexander is committed to supporting his fellow Reform UK members in forming a responsible, productive, and patriotic government. He invites the community to join him in this mission, striving together to make Britain great once more.

Support Alexander Kokkinoftas and Reform UK to bring about the change North Somerset and the entire nation need. Together, we can build a brighter future.

Map of North Somerset

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Legal Disclaimer

The content, views and opinions expressed by Alexander Kokkinoftas who represents North Somerset as the Candidate may not reflect or be supported by or Reform UK the political party of 83 Victoria Street, London. SW1H 0H

Reform UK, Let's Make Britain Great
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