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Huntingdon Candidate
Sarah Smith

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Sarah Smith - Reform UK Candidate

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Sarah Smith - Reform UK Candidate

Sarah Smith Biography, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Huntingdon

Sarah Smith, a resident of Huntingdonshire for over three decades, brings a fresh perspective to local politics. Transitioning from a fulfilling role as a caregiver and family nurturer, she's now embarking on a new journey, retraining to become an accountant.

Her foray into politics began with fervent support for the Leave campaign in Huntingdonshire. This ignited her passion for local issues, leading her to stand for the Huntingdonshire District Council not once, but twice.

Beyond politics, Sarah finds solace and community in activities like running, where she champions initiatives like ParkRun for their remarkable ability to foster social connections through voluntarism.

Currently, Sarah finds herself at the intersection of healthcare realities, as she navigates the complexities of the NHS while supporting a family member undergoing treatment for a life-altering brain injury at Hinchingbrooke Hospital. This firsthand experience underscores her commitment to advocating for improved healthcare and support systems.

In the ongoing debate over transportation policies, Sarah firmly stands with motorists, aligning with the sentiments of 90% of the public and businesses. She recognizes the tensions between pro-car sentiments among the populace and the anti-car stance taken by local councils. Sarah aims to address these issues head-on, advocating for measures such as lower parking charges and increased availability of free parking to benefit both residents and local businesses.

Moreover, Sarah is acutely aware of the challenges posed by neglected infrastructure, particularly evident in the state of B roads plagued by potholes and hazards. She advocates for prioritizing road maintenance and sensible transportation policies over unnecessary traffic calming measures.

Her vision for Huntingdonshire includes not just improvements in transportation but also initiatives to stimulate local businesses. Sarah proposes reductions in business rates and a reduction in regulatory burdens to foster a vibrant local economy.

Sarah's Principles:

  1. Free Speech: Sarah believes in the fundamental importance of free speech, opposing censorship and the notion of 'hate speech' in a democratic society.
  2. Energy Policy: She advocates for affordable and reliable energy, emphasizing its crucial role in sustaining livelihoods and economic prosperity, without compromising on environmental goals.
  3. Limited Government: Sarah is a proponent of smaller, more efficient government, advocating for lower taxes, reduced regulation, and empowering individuals with greater autonomy and choice.

As a dedicated voice for Huntingdonshire, Sarah Smith brings a blend of personal experience and principled advocacy to the forefront of local politics, promising a vision for a more prosperous and inclusive community.

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