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Hampstead and Highgate Candidate
Catherine Becker

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Catherine Becker - Reform UK Candidate

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Catherine Becker - Reform UK Candidate

Catherine Becker Biography, Parliamentary Candidate for Hampstead and Highgate

Catherine Becker, a dedicated resident of Hampstead, has spent her entire adult life in West Hampstead and Hampstead. With a strong background in business, she brings a pragmatic approach to politics, focusing on actionable solutions rather than political rhetoric.

Advocating for Safer Streets

Under decades of Labour local leadership, crime rates in Hampstead have soared, making it the third most crime-ridden area in London. Catherine is committed to reversing this trend by increasing funding for frontline police and implementing strategies to tackle crime at its source, ensuring safer streets for all residents.

Enhancing Local Amenities

Catherine recognizes the neglect of local amenities under both Labour and Conservative leadership. She pledges to invest in schools, GP clinics, local transport, and road infrastructure, creating a more functional and supportive community environment. Her vision includes a balanced approach to urban development, advocating for additional affordable housing alongside necessary improvements in amenities to prevent overburdening existing infrastructure.

Economic Responsibility and Lower Taxes

Catherine believes in reducing both national and local taxation to make the area more attractive for work and business. She advocates for responsible spending, ensuring that public funds are used efficiently through transparent tendering processes. Her commitment extends to supporting local businesses with fairer, lower taxes and improved employment laws, capitalizing on opportunities presented by the UK's exit from the EU.

Accountability and Representation

With her marketing background, Catherine emphasizes the importance of genuine representation. She is determined to listen to the community's views and incorporate them into Reform UK's policies. Through a draft contract with constituents, Catherine plans to engage directly with residents to understand their concerns and advocate for their needs within the party.

Campaigning for Positive Change

Catherine has been an active campaigner on both local and national levels, working for improvements in diversity, inclusion, amenities, and crime solutions. She believes that the upcoming election offers a crucial choice between the entrenched corruption of traditional parties and the sensible, well-considered solutions proposed by Reform UK.

A Vision for 2024

Catherine's vision for 2024 is to bring sensible and sound solutions to Hampstead, West Hampstead, and Highgate, and to contribute to the betterment of the entire country. She calls on all 77,783 residents of the Hampstead and Highgate constituency to vote for a party that prioritizes the community's needs and offers a clear, costed plan for improvement.

Support Catherine Becker and Reform UK for a brighter future in Hampstead, West Hampstead, and Highgate.

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