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Eastbourne Candidate
Mark Ashdown

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Mark Ashdown - Reform UK Candidate

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Mark Ashdown - Reform UK Candidate

Mark Ashdown Biography, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Eastbourne

Mark Ashdown, a child of the sixties, has witnessed the ebb and flow of the UK's fortunes. Disheartened by the current trajectory of the nation, he's determined to steer it back on course. With a background in Mechanical & Electrical Engineering and three decades in the construction industry, Mark has honed his problem-solving skills, turning around failing projects and advocating for pragmatic solutions.

Venturing into the Solar Energy Industry, Mark recognizes its potential to address pressing energy challenges, perplexed by the slow uptake in the UK. His diverse experiences underscore his commitment to finding practical, sustainable solutions to contemporary issues.

In politics, Mark believes both major parties have lost sight of true leadership, prioritizing reelection over genuine progress. He's a staunch supporter of the NHS but advocates for efficiency improvements rather than blanket increases in funding.

Concerned about the state of the Armed Services, Mark highlights the need for a revitalized military presence to safeguard national security. He stresses the importance of robust infrastructure, lamenting the decline of well-maintained roads and advocating for responsible fiscal policies.

Mark envisions a fairer society with reduced taxes on labor and increased levies on luxuries, promoting a level playing field for all. He opposes woke culture, bureaucratic red tape, and exploitation of an outdated asylum system.

Mark Ashdown is poised to bring his practical expertise and unwavering dedication to the forefront of political discourse, championing a vision of revitalization and progress for the UK.

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Reform UK, Let's Make Britain Great
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