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Andrew Southall

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Andrew Southall - Reform UK Candidate

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Andrew Southall - Reform UK Candidate

Andrew Southall Biography, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Dudley

Andrew Southall grew up in Gornal and going to Dudley College rather than Eton College, Andrew feels that he is best placed to read the mood of the people of Dudley, rather than a candidate parachuted in from far away like other parties may well do.

Studying A Levels, my favourite subject being Psychology and being able to put together a full set of accounts for limited companies in my teenage years, Andrew believes he understand the fine details of how things work.

Having also worked a variety of jobs, including being a qualified Telecoms Technician, previously working for an internationally owned service provider, as well as running a business in the automotive trade which was born out of a hobby - Andrew knows what it's like for those trying to make ends meet under an umbrella ridden with holes, being held above their heads by a government that either does not 'get' the daily obstacles of the everyday person, or simply does not care or worse, enact policy that makes our lives harder.

Andrew is passionate about politics and what he believes to be fair and vocal in his endeavours, Andrew is honoured to represent the area of Dudley, that I grew up in and will do my level best for the people of Dudley.

So remember on polling day, vote for Andrew Southall, Vote for Reform UK

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Wrens Nest
Lower Gornal
Milking Bank
Dixons Green
Burnt Tree
Kates Hill
Buffery Park
Russells Hall
Gornal Wood
London Fields
Castle and Priory
St James's
St Thomas's
Upper Gornal

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Reform UK, Let's Make Britain Great
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