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Barnsley South Candidate
David White

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David White - Reform UK Candidate

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David White - Reform UK Candidate

David White Biography, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Barnsley South

About David White

David White, a dedicated resident of Barnsley for over a decade, is committed to serving the community he loves. He lives with his fiancée and their beloved cocker spaniel, Wesley. Professionally, David works in the fintech sector and proudly serves as a Reform UK Ward Councillor.

Championing Local Issues

David is deeply involved in addressing the concerns of Barnsley residents. The Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, under continuous Labour control since its inception, has faced local criticism for several high-cost projects. These include a town centre shopping arcade initially budgeted at £45 million, now soaring over £220 million, and an unfinished footbridge project, which has ballooned from £3 million to £13 million. These projects have significantly contributed to the Council's £850 million debt.

Political Journey

David's political journey has been extensive. Initially active in the Conservative Party, he briefly joined The Brexit Party before it transitioned to Reform UK. Disillusioned with both major political parties, David found a home in Reform UK, aligning with their common-sense policies and commitment to community and country.

Advocating for Common Sense

David is passionate about addressing the struggles of everyday people, many of whom are barely making ends meet. He opposes the growing "woke" culture and defends freedom of speech. David criticizes the current Conservative Government's overreach, including policies like ULEZ and the push for electric vehicles. He is also concerned about the impacts of mass immigration on infrastructure and public services.

Joining Reform UK

David's alignment with Reform UK came after thorough consideration of their policies and rapid growth. He resonates with their vision and has no regrets about his decision to switch. He believes that a vote for Reform UK is a step towards fresh ideas and genuine representation in Westminster.

A Voice for Barnsley South

David promises to be the strongest voice Barnsley South has ever had in Westminster. Unwhipped and independent, he aims to hold any government accountable on both local and national issues. David is dedicated to challenging ineffective policies and advocating for the residents of Barnsley.

Your Vote for Change

Electing David White means choosing a representative who will tirelessly advocate for Barnsley at the highest level. A vote for David is a vote for real change and genuine representation. Break from the past and embrace a new approach for a brighter future.

Vote David White for Barnsley South. Let your voice be heard.

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Legal Disclaimer

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